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About Us

Kiln Wood Shoot derives its name from the Limekilns that are situated in the historic 18th-century woodlands that formally made up part of the Gilgarran Estate, the estate originally owned and operated nine farms but has since been split up into individual properties and businesses. The woodland Kiln Wood Shoot is located in is within some of Home Farm's land and next to the small hamlet that of Gilgarran, Home Farm was the main farm for Gilgarran Estate.
There are three quarries within the woodland, all of different stone types, which serviced the stone mill that is also situated within the ancient woodland. This productivity along with agriculture and mining provided the core rural industries of the local community and put Gilgarran Estate on the map, the estate provided cut stone for the building trade, agricultural products and sawn timber for all manner of uses including shipbuilding.

Situated in stunning scenery on the fringe of the Western Lake District, Kiln Wood brings a new and unique offering to the world of Simulated Driven Game shooting.


Guided by centuries of gamekeepers before us we set out to restore Gilgarran Estates' immutable reputation for a high-quality shooting experience albeit in the name of Kiln Wood.

So we have now recreated the Estates' historical ability to shoot traditional driven game in an area of outstanding natural beauty, but as a Simulated Driven Game as opposed to a game shoot.

Kiln Wood Shoot - Dale Towers (1).jpg

Kiln Wood benefits from having at its disposal a huge variation in landscape, this means from a geographical sense we can simulate a traditional elusive Grouse drive over a mosaic of heather and rushes that are commonly found on Lowland Heath habitat and many grouse moors. We can then move quickly and easily onto 'devils alley' which provides us with the highest of high bird drives, these clays are launched at a much higher elevation to the guns, because of this topography we can easily achieve flights of 30 - 60ft above a canopy of 70ft pines and oak. This gives the experience of snap shooting partridge flyer off a game cover crop or fast pigeons coming in to roost.

Kiln Wood Shoot - Tails And Tweed (149).

On a whole our drives are as challenging as any game shoot, the landscape is managed but not manicured which will also give you the feeling of a real game shoot. To quote one of the visiting guns we have had 'the only other thing we could do is put feathers on them (the clays)'!


We want our guests to experience simulated driven game shooting in a class of its own and with that mind we have designed each drive to deliver exactly that. The newly updated infrastructure now allows easy access to areas that were once almost impassable, this has opened up drives that would otherwise be impossible to create.


Most of all what is paramount to us is that we provide an excellent quality Simulated Driven Game Shoot with high-quality targets presented as close to reality as possible in a relaxed, friendly and safe environment where everyone feels welcome.

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